2014 Best Top rated Antiviruses Program Reviews

Welcome to the Top Ten Antivirus reviews! We have everything you need to rank the world’s best antivirus for you to make you life easier. We are dedicated to giving the best information possible and not selling out to the high priced anti virus vendors and up sell products like other antiviruses sites out there. All of the opinions from this site come from a Windows system administrator with real world personal and enterprise virus protection/antivirus experience.top 10 ranking antivirus software

#1 – AVG Anti-Virus
avg antivirus

AVG has revolutionized the world of low cost antivirus and has recently come out with a full product line that is everything a antivirus should be and nothing it shouldn’t. AVG delivers superior total amount defense for your desktop computer systems. They have additionally ramped up their checking engine which ought to minimize time needed to finish a pc virus and spyware check. They similarly discussed a general reduction in total system resource use.Continue reading…

#2 – Bit Defender


This recently upgraded variation of Bit Defender has a brand-new approach to ensure protection while not permitting pop-ups throughout day. They still provide all the options you would expect for a top 10 antivirus for such as personal privacy protection and web browsing. It was rewarded a close second in the virus self defense evaluations because it is easy to put in and use; it’s overall efficiency, can be updated often, and has fantastic help.Continue reading…

#3 – Kaspersky


Kaspersky has in fact gotten leading ratings for the same above-mentioned elements such as effectiveness and help. This software program has really obtained numerous honors from leading companies. It is just one of the most cutting-edge products easily offered on the marketplace today; it would definitely be an ideal choice to shield your computer system from malware. Continue reading…


#4 – F Secure Anti-virus


The safety protection offered by F-Secure are utilized by both desktop computer individuals and sizable companies on their huge networks. They make every effort to make certain that their antivirus is the standard for internet security preventative measures.  Prospective threats caused by an insufficient safety plan No more. Overall F-Secure offers an impressive plan. Continue reading…


#5 – ESET Nod32


This is mentioned because it is easy, yet a rather extensive security self defense option. They received the greatest score on effectiveness, aid, and easy installment. In 2013, the ESET Nod32 obtained huge updates while keeping the greater requirements of security and self defense. This is the best Nod32 version to date by far. Continue reading…


#6 – McAfee VirusScan


McAfee is a leading anti-virus software application carrier. This software application now comes tailored up with added attributes, a big on is their an e-mail scanning device. It is not the very finest security option in my viewpoint nevertheless preferred none the much less. Many large organizations use McAfee, but it just does not score as well as some  of the others.

#7 – Norton Antivirus


Norton Anti-virus is an extremely commonly household antivirus scanning device and has been around for great deals of years. Symantec is a highly recognized defense software program carrier and routinely makes every effort to upgrade and boost the software program they supply to their customers.Continue reading…


#8 – Panda Anti-virus


If you are desiring to simply discover and take out infections on your computer system, this might be a great alternative you would certainly intend to consider. This is the highlight of this item and it does not include extra diagnosis capacities.




#9 – Trend Micro

trend micro

Although this software application might trigger a mild decrease in effectiveness of some standard residence Computers.  Trend Micro has a great online scanner and has been ranked very highly on AV comparatives ranks.   Continue reading…



#10 – Microsoft Security Essentials

In 2008 Microsoft created an anti-virus software called Microsoft Security Essentials for free personal use. This app is a very basic, no frills, antivirus that is extremely efficient and fantastically integrates with everything Microsoft as you would expect. This AV is available for Windows XP and Windows 7.In 2013, Windows 8 came out and has a built in AV called Windows Defender that looks a lot like Microsoft Security Essentials. This antivirus is of course only for Windows and does not have any counter parts in the MAC or Android world. Continue reading…

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