Very reliable and easy to use, good detection rate. Good support.


Another company that doesn't offer a great deal in terms of extra features.

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Founded in 2001, BullGuard have had a long and successful history in the antivirus and antiphishingsoftware industry, scooping up a good market share in its 15 year history. BullGuard have impressive lineup of products, boasting more than just an antivirus with accompanying pc / mobile backup software and ‘Internet Security’, their all­in­one internet security suite solution. In terms of awards and commendations, BullGuard have done rather well, racking up 10 from top institutions in a 5 year run between 2007 ­ 2012. Also during this period BullGuard software experiences a hiccup on outdated Windows machines, classifying every executable program as ‘infected’, marking them as Trojan alerts and moving them to quarantine. As you can imagine, this didn’t reflect well on the company or product! But what about in 2016? Are they still competing for top PC protection accolades?

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    Overall rating


Starting at $59.95 per year for their antivirus product ‘Internet Security’ (protection of 3 PCs), BullGuard commands a relatively low monthly rate at approximately $5 per month, but what do you get for your hard earned cash? Not a lot it seems... As expected, you get protection against all types of malware, automatic scans and a couple extras. The best bumper feature is most certainly the free 5GB online backup, which takes the level of protection on your files to another level. But you can get 1GB free with Dropbox, so it is no deal- breaker. One of their product’s top features is free updates to new versions of the software, which goes some length to explaining how little value you get for your money in terms of feature set.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

BullGuard offer quality antivirus solutions, so you can expect them to be reliable and easy to use. In a test from TopTenReviews they found that BullGuard picked up 100% of the malware on the PC and scored well in ‘Ease of Scanning’ too at 92%. In our tests we found the user interface to be simple and worked as expected. In addition, they have great reviews on TrustPilot, further supporting their case for strong customer service and ease of use. I would recommend BullGuard to anyone looking for a very stripped back and powerful antivirus with great support and is very easy to install and use.

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

In terms of support and customer service, you can’t knock BullGuard. You can chat online with an antivirus expert any time (English support only) and in 6 different languages. What really impressed us was the speed of the support, we were served in just 1 minute at midday during the week (normally an extremely busy time for pc protecting software support teams). As well as their chat functionality, you can also email if you don’t have the time to resolve the issue there and then, or if it is a more complicated query. If you prefer to search for answers yourself, or are interested in learning more about antivirus products, they have in depth FAQs and product guides which walk you through every aspect of setting up and managing BullGuard antivirus products. Unfortunately, there is no telephone support.



As mentioned in the ‘Value for Money’ section, the feature set is relatively poor, unless you are looking for a pure anti­malware solution. In that case it does exactly what you need and does it well, but there are many other products that protect your PC in the same way just as well for the same price and with far more extra features. One feature included worth noting is the ‘Powerful Parental Control’, which is easy to setup and manage allowing you to keep on top of what your kids can access online. When breaking a rule you have set is attempted you get a notification and you can even put in place rules that stop your child entering your address or other personal details online. This is a great addition to the software.

Customer Feedback For BullGuard

Brian Ibbotson - 11-10-2017

Seems good value for money until I found it trashed and blocked some files I downloaded and treated them as viruses. An overzelous app which acts like trigger-happy vigilante.

Tom - 08-11-2017

Tried Bullguard on a Mac with their trial. It appeared to work okay, but as I use a time machine back-up it would not back up since Bullguard was downloaded. I tried to uninstall Ballguard but was unable to. I tried everything, eventually contacted Bullguard and all they gave me was what I had tried, even though I explained. It was only the help of an expert that I was able to uninstall Bullguard and get my backups. I will not be taking up the offer to purchase.

Johnno - 08-09-2017

I have used Bullguard for many years and have had no trouble, except a few false positives which I report back to BG with the button in the window and it if usually OK from there. I have used both Norton and McAfee in the past and have had way more hassles with then, especially slowing my system down and not getting any support. It may be lacking in some features but I want something that does a job and do it well which Bullguard does. With the 3 computer licience you can go online and select/unselect which computers you want to cover. *****

mike - 07-08-2017

i am very happy with BUllguard.I have this antivirus for 5 years and is doing his job very well.

Howard - 02-19-2017

I had Bullguard for 5 years. I thought things were fine apart from the incident where Bullguard decided to trash every file on my computer because it deemed them all to be viruses, Bullguard did eventually admit that they were at fault and there had been a mistake in an update, it affected lots of Bullguard customers. Eventually got it sorted out and didn't lose any thing really important got three years free and stayed with them. Then I upgraded to Windows X. Bullguard was incompatible, no virus update, no firewall, no email scan I battled with tech support for a couple of weeks relying on Defender for firewall. Eventually they said I had an out of date version of Bullguard. Hello I have been a subscriber for five years and renewed every year expecting upgrades to come as part of the package. Uninstalled, re-installed and still the firewall didn't work. Tech support unable to sort the problem out I engaged an IT consultant and he went through the list of things they had sent to correct the problem and said it is just incompatible with Windows X. Now, 6months later Bullguard advise me that they will be billing me in 11 days timefor another year. I logged in amended my account to remove auto renew and you know what, they won't be billing me because I am getting rid of it.

Sarah - 01-12-2017

Very average, deserves to be at the bottom.

richardjrook - 12-28-2016

I purchased 2 bullguard products one 1pc the other 3pc. in May 2016, both are asking for renewal payment. I tried the chat line after waiting a while for response my laptop closed down. When I restarted my laptop, I find I am being offered both products at a discount price of £14.99 each if I renew in two hours. I think this is a rip-off. As for the product ??, I am unhappy with the service.

Sacha Danes - 12-27-2016

Bullguard.......More like Bullcrap! Dont bother.

Russ & Jan - 12-16-2016

Do not buy this software if you are looking to protect a PC or Laptop that is NOT connected to the Internet. The Installation will stall because it cannot find the server.

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