Been blocking malware for many years, so huge database.


Software is focused on malware no internet security features like VPN

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Malwarebytes, as you can probably guess from it’s name, is a tool that concentrates on the removal of malware. This differs from all the other companies we review as it’s not a full anti-virus package and so lacks some of the features that you usually get from a package like Total AV or McAfee. Do you need a full package though?

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Malwarebytes tend to push their free software but this is fairly limited and we feel it’s only good for a one-time scan. There are no virus preventative features in the free version. Upgrading to their paid version will cost you £34.99 but enables real-time scanning, scan scheduling and flash memory scanning. Even though it’s one of the best malware removal tools on the market, you’re paying a lot for a very basic program.

Reliability and Security

Reliability and Security

Malwarebytes is definitely one of the top-rated anti-malware tools out there. As the name suggests it’s an anti-malware tool but it also deals with spyware, adware, trojans – you name it! It’s a very basic program and therefore doesn’t have a lot of features to trip over on and so you’d expect great reliability and that’s what you get!

Support and Customer Service

Support and Customer Service

To be honest there’s not a lot of support in terms of talking to someone but they do offer support in the form of FAQs, How to guides and videos and also email/ticketing support. The software is very simple so we hope the end-user shouldn’t run into many issues.



We’ve made it clear that the software isn’t a full anti-virus package and so you can’t expect a whole host of features, can you? If you are after a quality, reliable virus removal tool then this could very well be the one! It’s very good at doing what it’s been designed for.

Customer Feedback For MalwareBytes

fake comments - 08-04-2017

these comments are fake, Malwarebytes is the best

Steven Denger - 07-25-2017

I had used Malwarebytes for a few years but since the 3 version, I all of sudden cannot open it up to check to see if it still scanning and working. The support sucks and it took them days to get back. They gave me a download link and said to reactivate another version. But their download would no open up - I got an error popup window. I will be finishing out my subscription and never consider using them again. Save yourself headaches and do not use this service.

Gene - 07-01-2017

I am surprised at some of these reviews. I had a troublesome adware such that when I closed the add (X) another add would immediately appear and when I closed it another ad appeared etc. I tried AV Norton and it did not remove the adware, I removed Norton ( quite a task) and used Mcgaffee same result and removed it , then I tried Kaspersky AV and got the same results . I removed Kaspersky and tried yet another top AV (all these were paid AV programs) I even found the adware program in my program listing in the control panel and the MS delete function did not could not /would not delete it even Windows defender did not keep it out, discover it nor remove it . , I tried AND FOUND A Win 8 software suggestions for malewarebytes and Malwarebytes is the only program that removed the adware . So yes it is limited, and it is not an AV program but it worked great on adware and trojans when the major top AV programs did not find nor remove them and Malwarebytes is well worth the price. I also ran a comparison between bitdefender and that comparison put maleware Bytes as the better of the two. I also use it with win 10 pro and again find it finds and deletes things that got past MS Defender and Kaspersky . I use it on occasion if and when I have some problem on my pc.

Len - 06-29-2017

I agree with you John. Used prog for several years and very happy. However, recently advised of update which I downloaded and which gave immediate problems; the prog wouldn't open! I deleted what I had and found my way here. The Malware website gives the opportunity to download a free copy of the prog but you have to be aware that you must deactivate premium trial ( from within settings ) in order to continue with the use of the free prog. From you comments I think you have been treated appallingly; I'm afraid it's another case of ' let's get as much income as we can, let's scare our customers and sod it if they don't like it '. Malware could be very ( much more ) profitable if it had a good Product Manager in charge! I'm in the UK and a member of Which magazine which has, in the past, extolled the virtues of Malwarebytes; I shall be reporting to them about this latest unsatisfactory development with this so called " Freeware " offer.

Mike Cole - 06-23-2017

I've had the Lifetime 'PRO' subscription for ... EVER. As noted by others, when 3.0 came out ... GLITCHES. But that's in the past now .... all good now. No doo doo has EVER infected my PC's. Catches EVERYTHING .... puts my 'miniscule' mind at ease.

Charles R. Wilkes - 06-07-2017

No customer service; Period.........

John - 05-22-2017

Don't waste your time, unless you want to be a guinea pig testing there software. I used Malwarebytes software almost from the day it was first released many years ago. I was very happy and always recommended it to everyone. Well no longer will I use or recommend it to even my worst enemy. Since version 3 it is the most troublesome software I ever encountered. Constantly turns off protection. After posting my issues on the user forums I was told my problems were isolated and millions of other users have no issues. The number of posts clearly indicated otherwise. After asking questions about their claims as to not needing anti-virus software anymore, I was never given answers, but instead was pegged as a trouble maker and immature, and they would close the topic. I suggested they recall version 3 until problems were fixed and they said I was nuts. Over 6 months later they still haven't got the problems fixed. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME. Go with a proven product like Kaspersky or Bitdefender !!!

Richard Fuller - 05-20-2017

Customer service is non-existent. I bought and paid for version 3.0 with disastrous results and could not get help anywhere. I uninstalled it from my computer and it started to run like it is supposed to. Would appreciate any help in getting reimbursed from VISA - maybe I will just call them and dispute the charges. Any advice on a working malware system will be appreiated.

Robert - 05-15-2017

The free version for 5 years was fantastic and its still a great product as it detects wannacry. But it also stop working on my machines and I was told I had to install a complicated fix. I dropped them. I will check back with them in a year and they are very weak on tracking cookies .

Vernon - 05-10-2017

I bought this software. Had repeated problems downloading. Finally, it works. But I only had one premium feature working. I could not get protection every day. so I left an email with customer service. Two days later received a phone call. It was customer support. I told him the problem. He explain this had been a problem for several years. The last attempt was in March 2017. They sent me a page full of directions uninstall their product and how to reinstall. I then ask for a refund. They said I send then an email every was fine. I did related install. I email then every day for 3 days . So I went to yo tube and ask how to get a refund I was told my another person he had the same problem.He gave me another company to cll so I would get my refund. Also he said I would get it in a couple days. I challeng on that issue the he admitt in would be ten busines days

Malware - 03-29-2017

terrible customer service ... they purposely don't get back to you and ignore you ... I cancelled my subscription with them.

John - 03-29-2017

Have the paid for version running on 2 PC’s (3 PC licence), It updated itself to vision and simply stopped working on both machines well over a week now and no response from support

M L - 03-27-2017

I have been happy with this product for many years BUT recently the 2nd computer got the 3.0 update, IT SUCK!!! the issues and problems are mentioned below. I am NOT a tekkie just a user. I had to reinstall the older version.

Mark - 03-11-2017

I've been using Malwarebytes for years and years and years, I have a paid lifetime subscription. PRO's: Frequently catches malware that antivirus programs miss. CON's: As noted by many others, the new 3.0+ versions are questionable, the "improved" software constantly warns that "Real-time Protection layers turned off" and the button that is supposed to turn it back on works intermittently -- oftentimes the only way to turn it back on is to reboot the computer, not too slick or professional! Also, the tech support is for all intents and purposes non-existent; if Malwarebytes finds malware and can't automatically remove it, or misses malwareware, you're shi* out of luck because there's no help from Malwarebytes to ever be found (the support forum is not very supportive, I had a malware infection and it took many does to even get my ticket acknowledged, and they provided no real help other than trying to send me elsewhere for volunteer help on community forums. Pathetic! In conclusion, it's a product I don't want to get rid of because when it works it works better than most products finding malware, but once you've been infected you're on your own fixing the problem..

DHB - 03-05-2017

Did a great job for me. Absolutely no problems after. Major computer company recommended it for my issue.

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